Direct Vent Furnaces

How Direct Vent Furnaces Work

A closer look at intelligent heating performance

Direct Vent Wall Furnaces are perfect for traditionally hard-to-heat areas, such as basements and home additions. Because they require no ductwork, heat is distributed evenly and heat loss is minimized.

  • Constantly monitors room temperature 2” from the floor
  • Consistently detects temperature changes of less than 1° F
  • Within seconds, the Rinnai unit begins to gently heat the room
  • Fan speed and BTU output increase as necessary to reach the pre-set temperature
  • As the room reaches the desired temperature, the unit reduces fan speed and BTU output
  • In case of a sudden influx of cold air, the furnace automatically adjusts fan speed and BTUs to quickly restore warmth to the room

Last Updated: 2018-04-20

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