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Water Main Replacement

No Digging Required! Trenchless Water Main Replacement in the Lower Mainland

Need to replace your water main? Preserve your property and save money by choosing Knowles Gas & Air Conditioning, specialists in trenchless water main installations. Here’s why trenchless technology is your best bet:
Cost-Effective: Less expensive than traditional open-cut water line methods.
Property-Friendly: Minimal excavation means no damage to your yard, driveway, or landscaping.
Eco-Friendly: Requires minimal space for setup.
Efficient: Our no-dig method gets the job done in half the time of conventional approaches.

Symptoms of a Broken Water Line

A water line issue might go undetected during wet seasons, but when it starts to dry up, be on the lookout for:
Damp, mushy areas in your yard.
Consistently high water bills.
Water meter activity when all water sources are shut off.
If any of these symptoms appear, it’s time for a water main inspection.

Quick and Trustworthy Main Water Line Services

Choose Knowles for damage-free, underground main water line replacements, courtesy of our innovative no-dig techniques and pipe-bursting technology. Schedule an appointment and a certified technician will visit your property for a comprehensive evaluation and free estimate.
With a large fleet of service vehicles, expect timely and budget-friendly solutions from our team, highly trained in trenchless water main replacement, repair, and maintenance. We respect both your property and your budget.
Don’t let water main issues disrupt your life. Contact Knowles Gas & Air Conditioning at 250-361-4488 for quick, reliable, and cost-effective solutions.
Last Updated: 2024-07-16

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